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Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Nov 27, 2012
Quick Bites

  • Components of a papaya are dangerous enough to induce miscarriage.
  • Avoid unripe papaya to prevent premature uterine contractions.
  • Prevent softening of cervix by avoiding pineapple.
  • Talk to your doctor about what fruits you must avoid to be on safe zone.

Pregnancy is the most delicate period for a woman and for her unborn baby. So, if you are pregnant, it is important that you take extra care while choosing everything that goes into your mouth.

Pregnancy affects your immune system, and makes you and your child more susceptible to the bacteria and viruses that cause foodborne illnesses. There are certain fruits that need to be avoided during pregnancy. You want the best for your baby, so, in case you have missed out this instruction, here is a checklist of fruits to avoid during pregnancy. Keep this handy to ensure that you and your unborn baby stay healthy and safe.

Pregnancy Diet

Avoid Papaya

Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy #1: Wondering if we can eat papaya during pregnancy? The answer is NO. A lot of women from Sri Lanka, Banladesh, India as well as Pakistan have used papaya as an abortifacient, but it is not something that should worry you unless you binge on it. Papaya intake apparently brings on labour early or causes miscarriage. This is partially true. Papayas, especially the unripe and semi-ripe ones are rich in latex, which is known to trigger uterine contractions.

Green papaya was often applied directly to the uterus, but food forms such as green papaya salad, the seeds of papaya in the parasite killing papaya seed smoothie ahead, as well as supplements containing papain enzyme should be avoided during the third and final trimester of pregnancy. For this reason Papaya is in list of foods to avoid during pregnancy.

However, ripe papayas are excellent during pregnancy. Ripe papayas are rich in vitamins, such as vitamin C and other wholesome nutrients that prevent the onset of pregnancy symptoms, such as heartburn and constipation. Papayas mixed with honey and milk are also an excellent tonic for pregnant women, especially during lactation. Ripe papayas contain much lower levels of papain and are generally considered very healthy for pregnant women with it’s rich antioxidant and vitamin content and many other health benefits.


Avoid Pineapple

Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy #2: Can pregnant women eat Pineapple? The answer is NO. Eating pineapple during pregnancy is not good so resist yourself from consuming pineapple during pregnancy. Pineapples are rich in bromelain, which can cause the softening of the cervix leading to early labour.

One can have pineapple in moderate quantities as it will have no effect on labour and delivery, however, its intake should be restricted during the first trimester to avoid any unforeseen event such as softening of the cervix. For this reason Pineapple is in list of foods to avoid during pregnancy. A lot of women opine that drinking lots of pineapple juice can help them achieve labour. So you must stop yourself and your dear ones from eating pineapple while pregnant.

Avoid Grapes

Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy #3: Can we eat grapes during pregnancy? Answer to this is shrouded in controversy. While some medical professionals suggest that you avoid eating grapes during pregnancy, other advice that you do use it. Most expert advice the former because of the amount of pesticides that are sprayed on grape plants to keep from being eaten away by insects.

Moreoever, the main bone of contention is the high amount of resveratrol present in grapes. This chemical can cause toxicity for the expectant mother. But, eating grapes during pregnancy can also give you vital nutrients like vitamin A and C. So, you need to speak with your doctor before you come to any decision about eating grapes during pregnancy.


Pregnancy Diet

Avoid Unwashed Raw Fruits during Pregnancy

Fruits to Avoid During Pregnancy #4: The most important advice for pregnant women is to avoid unwashed and unpasteurised fruits during pregnancy. It is critical that food hygiene is given primal importance during pregnancy to avoid infections from toxoplasmosis. Fruits should be an integral part of every pregnancy diet, however, one must exercise caution and avoid eating some of them such as pineapples or papayas in excess, in order to avoid any complication during pregnancy.

Here's the proper way to prepare and handle them safely:

  • Thoroughly rinse raw fruits and vegetables under running water before eating or preparing them, especially fruits that require peeling or cutting - like cantaloupe and other melons. Bacteria can be found on the outer rind or peel.
  • Don't use soap, detergents, or bleach solutions to wash produce.
  • As an added precaution, use a small vegetable brush to remove surface dirt.
  • Try to cut away damaged or bruised areas - bacteria can thrive in these places.


Fruits should comprise a major part of your diet wheny you are pregnant clearly because they are loaded with nutrients. But, it is important for you to alter the list of your favourite fruits for the sake of your baby. Avoid the bad ones, and stay healthy.

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  • niki23 Jun 2016

    Hi, Could you pls. advice that kiwi fruit is safe during pregnancy.

  • Jo01 Aug 2015

    I am eating pineapple right now. I'm 10weeks. A lil too late for this info.... plus I'm enjoying it!

  • Jo01 Aug 2015

    I am eating pineapple right now. I'm 10weeks. A lil too late for this info.... plus I'm enjoying it!

  • sneha05 Jan 2013

    good info

  • DaNi. B04 Oct 2012

    I am now 26 weeks pregnant, and I am a lover of pineapples. I always make sure that they are at normal temperature before consuming. However, I am the type of person who freaks out easily :( so my advice too all of you is this: IF IT DOESN'T FEEL RIGHT- DON'T TAKE THAT BITE! Because you would rather be safe than sorry. Also, not to mention, that when the fetus (baby) is very young in weeks, you must really consider the toxins in which your child is using for development.

  • omolara coker david.02 Oct 2012

    I have abdominal discomfort especially @ night,n can't sleep until d early hours of the morning. What could be d cause for this? Sometimes,wen i eat bananas,i feel very uncomfortable & even vomit @ times.what do i do?

  • Kim17 Sep 2012

    I'm 17 weeks and I have eaten pineapple and nothing is wrong with me or the baby. It's not something I eat every single day but I get freshly diced pineapples with strawberries. I'm sure it's just the amount you eat. Eat food in moderation. Happy pregnancy!

  • Yets 13 Sep 2012

    If pineapple juice is taken mistakenly in early pregnancy, what is the remedy please suggest.

  • Hillary09 Sep 2012

    I didnt realize you couldn't consume pineapple when pregnant?? And well I have, I'm freaked out now! Can I get some advice

  • ritika04 Sep 2012

    i think every pregnant woman should read these to ensure that she goes through her pregnancy term safe and sound.

  • Keya31 Aug 2012

    There are no fruits as such that you should avoid while planning. Its only once u conceive you must avoid pineapple and papaya.

  • reens29 Aug 2012

    can we eat plums,pmoegranate and pears during pregnancy.

  • Sheeba Myrtle Joshi21 Aug 2012

    am 8 weeks pregnant, most of the time am having stomach pain, sometimes motion is not clear and the gases are coming, unbearable pain if not suddenly have loose motions (taking sporolac and electral)feeling restless having caqlf muscle pain with fever (can I take plain paracetamol) Also am having pain on both breasts. Kindly advice what precautions can I take. I have the habit of sleeping on my stomach from childhood, now as am asked to sleep on one side, am unable to have proper sleep.

  • Nicholl22 Jul 2012

    Did you not read that? It said ripe papaya are great for you, and pineapple is fine too! for it to have any effect on your cervix, you have to eat them in EXCESS. Don't go around eating 3 or more by yourself and you will be FINE. I have been eating pineapple my WHOLE pregnancy and I am 20 weeks along, no problems.

  • mou15 Jul 2012

    i just came to knw tht m pregnant but today by mistake i eat a small piece of pineapple...nw m scared....

  • shirisha28 Jun 2012

    which fruits and food we have to take while palnning for pregnancy.

  • hasini15 Jun 2012

    Usually 12th to15th days after period are considered to be more fertile days in a 30 days may avoid papaya and pine apple if you are planning...

  • Arlene Guinoo07 Jun 2012

    I understand that there are do's and dont's during pregnancy, but i'm planning to get pregnant, which is the best shot days after period, and what fruits should i avoid to eat while planning for getting pregnant.

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