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Health benefits of oysters for heart

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 10, 2017
Quick Bites

  • Oysters can do great wonders to your heart.
  • Oysters have concentrated sources of EPA and DHA.
  • It lower your blood pressure levels.

If you have had oyster meat before, you know how slurpy the juicy masses are and how you would breathe a powerful dare to burn a hole in your pocket if you could do that to drape your dining table with a plate of sumptuous oysters. What you may have forgotten while coating each of your teeth with the flavour of these little lip-smacking molluscs is that they are medicinal and can do great wonders to your heart. Amused? Let’s present you with a dissection of their “healthy-heart” inducing properties.





Dense in Omega 3s

Oysters have concentrated sources of EPA and DHA, which are omega-3 fatty acids present in shellfish and fat fish. These fats can help one to lower the risk of cardiac diseases if you consume an average of 250 mg of it per day. According to the Dietary Guidelines from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, each 100g serving of well cooked oysters can give a person almost 1,400 mg of EPA along with DHA. The amount of these fatty acids is more in certain sea animals like mussels, salmon, anchovies and shrimp.



Controls blood pressure

If you choose oysters over sodium rich protein foods like sausages, cold cuts, canned fish and hot dogs, you are likely to lower your blood pressure levels. Oysters make a healthful meal for people with high blood pressure. Hypertension not only increases the risk of heart diseases but also raises one’s chances of going through a kidney disease or even stroke.


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Lowers cholesterol

High levels of cholesterol in the body raise the risk of diseases such as those of the heart. If you pick oysters instead of protein sources like meat that are high in saturated fat, you will decrease your cholesterol levels significantly. According to the Dietary Guidelines from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, oysters offer 19g of protein and 5g of fat and only 1 per cent of cholesterol-increasing saturated fat in one serving.



Rich in Vitamin-B12

Vitamin B-12 is an important nutrient that helps keep the body’s level of homocysteine within the normal range. Oysters are rich in selenium, which is a heart-healthy antioxidant mineral and provides vitamin A and C in abundance.



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Stores healthful fats

Oysters are rich in unsaturated fats, which have been found to prevent heart diseases like coronary artery disease and unlike the fats found in red meats that increase the risk of heart diseases, unsaturated fats are often said to also treat existing heart problems. Unsaturated fats are an essential part of a person’s balanced diet.



Image: Shutterstock

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  • Deepali15 Jun 2013

    I happened to taste oysters the last time I went to Goa and I was first aversive to the entire task of breaking the meat from the shell and tasting it for the first time. But then when I took a bite, it seemed to just melt away. It was awesome. This pic makes me want to go back to goa and grab a bite by the beach. Awesome.

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