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    Can a change in diet help me conceive twins?
    I have been willing to conceive twins and I want to know if a change in diet can help me with it.

    Topic: Pregnancy | Asked by: Reeta Sharma | on: 19 Aug 2014
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    Dr Seema Sharma
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    To-date there is no confirmed role of diet in conceiving twins.

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    Onlymyhealth Team
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    It has been said that a change in diet can indeed bring about fruitful results for those women who are trying to conceive. And, this isn't just a recommendation that is thrown around and about by women who have had successful pregnancies and doctors. Diet, like in many other aspects of life, has a very important role to play in the functioning of the reproductive organs. Clearly, that is the single most thing that you ingest to work effectively. Talk to your doctor about the kind of diet you should have to conceive. There is no guarantee if eating two bananas daily will give you twins.

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