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    Does suffering from pimple all over face mean that I am not keeping myself clean?
    I have lots of acne on face and they keep coming back despite whatever I do. What is this supposed to mean? Do I not meet the appropriate level of hygiene that I should to keep acne away? But, there is nothing that I do not do.

    Topic: Acne | Asked by: Riya | on: 19 Nov 2013
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    Wash your face twice daily, using an antibacterial cleanser. Dip a cotton ball in toner/astringent and wipe it over your acne. Moisturise your skin. Use a facial mask on your skin once or twice per week. Eat a healthful, well-balanced diet. See a dermatologist to seek advice if this routine doesn't work.
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    Well, hygiene is definitely a very important factor when it comes to acne. There are certain everyday hygiene steps that you should follow, like washing, but not over washing. This does not mean that you can skip the washing. Every time you come back from the outdoor you must wash your face. Be most careful about the T zone, which are forehead, nose and chin. These areas secrete oil and have the most chances of getting acne. Therefore be extra careful here. Also, it would be nice if you can cleanse your face with a good cleanser.
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    There are certain steps that you can take in order to keep your face clean and without pimples. Yes, hygiene is definitely a very important factor. It is not that you wash your face day in and day out. There are certain measures that needs to be taken in order to take care of your face. First, you should never use harsh scrubs on your face, then you must not over-wash. Finally the biggest factor is that we tend to run our hands on our faces, this will allow that one rare pimple which is carrying bacteria to enter the pores. Also, eat well!

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