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    How to get rid of sore muscles?
    I did 450 sit ups last week but still my thighs are paining a lot. I can't even walk. Please help me to get rid of it.

    Topic: Pain | Asked by: Saravanan | on: 14 Feb 2015
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    Your sore muscles need mainly protein along with carbs & fats to repair itself. You also need to drink lots of water (at least a liter of water a day) because if you get dehydrated then your muscle soreness and muscle cramps will increase.
    You could take pain relievers like ibuprofen, naproxen, or aspirin. They can help reduce some of the swelling in joints and muscles that cause some of the discomfort. The cold temperature reduces the swelling in muscles and joints. You could use an ice pack on inflammed muscles.

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