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    How to rekindle our relationship?
    I have been dating this guy from my school and it has been 8 years now. The sad part about our relationship is that we have nothing exciting to talk about except knowing what either of us had for lunch. Please tell me how I can rekindle this relationship. I really want to get back to being like before.

    Topic: Sex & Relationships | Asked by: Gurleen | on: 10 Dec 2013
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    This is a typical case of lost love and losing interesting in each other. You must understand that if this carries on then both of you will seek new partners and will never be able to make a comeback in this relationship. The important thing to do here is to identify the cause for this sudden break, and to rectify this mistake. Start making things exciting, you have to start pursuing each other once again and you will need to take an interest, an active interest in each other. If you cannot rekindle your relationship naturally and find that you are pushing yourself or forcing yourself to do so then I am sorry to say but love's labour has lost.
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    It is time that you start taking the initiative of broaching or both of you will be victims of inevitable consequences that neither of you would want to see. pick a topic that interests both of you like movie or food. You could have debates with each other.

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