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    How to treat acne without medicines?
    I am a 18 year old guy and have lot of pimples on my face. They are red and painful. I don't want to take medicines. Can my pimples be treated with home remedies? If yes, please suggest some.

    Topic: Acne | Asked by: Sumit | on: 05 Aug 2013
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    Anushka Roy
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    Hi Sumit, There are various effective home remedies for acne. You can: Mix two to three drops of freshly extracted lime juice with almond oil, and apply it on the affected areas. Keep overnight and wash off the following morning. Do not apply concentrated lemon juice on the face as it tends to dry the skin up drastically. Fresh papaya juice, or rubbing a freshly-cut papaya slice onto the skin, reduces blemishes and controls oil production. Grind neem leaves and apply them on the face with rose water. Avoid the lip-area and eyes while applying. Neem leaves stop the active oil glands producing oil during the day.
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    okay, i have dealt with acne/pimples for 4 years now. It's the hardest thing to get rid of i know! okay so i did a heap of research and long story short i cured my acne. If you want it gone, you have to stay committed. so this is how i cured it, i completely cut off dairy! i know, you'd think it would be good for you right? but no, its actually one of the worst things for your skin! Milk mainly. I'm drinking a cup of green tea everyday and its the main thing that cured my acne. Go to your local supermarket and buy pure green tea, make sure you drink it everyday.. it's also good for your immune system and it eats away fat! I wash my face twice a day with a hot towel/fash washer. Rinse it through hot water then squeeze all the water out. make sure its hot otherwise it won't work. Put it on your face and this will open up your pores. do this 5-7 times. wash your face with a mild soap (I use dove) on maybe the 5th rinse? then wash face with cold water to close the pores back up. I also use proactive, it works for me but not for everyone. lets hope you're one of the lucky ones! ok so once i have done all that i apply my proactive toners, repair cream blah blah blah. the last thing i do it put tea tree over the top of it all, it works like a charm! You won't see a change the first time you do it (you might, but i doubt it) but you should start seeing a difference after a week or two. it works so well. make sure you drink plenty of water, not just a glass or two. i mean 2-3 500ml bottles throughout the day. it's one of the best things for your skin. Eat 3 servings of fruit everyday and yeah.. that's pretty much it! Please don't just try this 3-4 times. do it for 2 weeks and i swear you will see a difference.

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