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    How will I know when to push?
    This is my first pregnancy and the time of delivery is arriving. I am very apprehensive about labor. How will I know when I will have to push to deliver the baby?

    Topic: Pregnancy | Asked by: Ruchi | on: 23 Dec 2014
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    In my case, doctors had given me an epidural, which makes you numb. You will not have the urge to push and your muscle coordination will be a little more difficult to organize into effective pushing. You may have to rely on your nurse, nurse-midwife, or doctor to help guide your pushing efforts.

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    Once your cervix is completely dilated (open to 10 cm), you will be encouraged to start pushing. If you have not received pain medication, the urge to push is usually strong. Pushing will give you a burst of energy. For most women, it feels better to push than not to push. Pushing is done instinctively and as hard as the mother feels necessary.

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