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    How to prepare for first date?
    I am a 17 year old guy. I am going on my first date. What should I keep in mind so as to succeed in it?

    Topic: Sex & Relationships | Asked by: Asha | on: 01 Aug 2011
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    Hi, Congrats for your first date. Remember some points while you are at it. A conversation can make or break the date. So, plan properly what you have to say. Before starting a conversation, make sure your date is comfortable and relaxed with you. Do not involve yourself in a debate with her. Also, avoid getting too personal on the first date. Do not just speak, listen also! Take interest in what she is saying. Share light and funny instances from your life to make her comfortable. Discuss each other’s hobbies and interests. Never talk about previous relationships. Do not depress her by your questions. You can ask about her childhood, friends and other random trivia just to engage her. Go well-dressed. Dress according to the location and ambience of the place. Check for body odour and bad breath. Carry a gift but do not go overboard with it. These tips will help you charm the lady. Happy dating!

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