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    My friends make fun of me for being a virgin. Please help.
    I am 19 years old male residing in Kansas city. All my friends in school make fun of me for being a virgin. It is almost devastating. It seems as if people cannot live their life with peace if they do not have sex. Why is sex so important! I don't get it. Please help me.

    Topic: Sex & Relationships | Asked by: Ronnie Tex | on: 04 Dec 2014
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    Honestly, I feel you'd be glad for not having sex too early when you grow a little older. You are an adult and you have all the rights to make your own decisions and at 19, your friends should be able to understand that. I was eighteen when I lost my virginity to a girl on whom I barely was in love. I was just infatuated. I am 26 now and my current girlfriend is just so special for me that I regret having lost my virginity to a girl I never wanted to spend my whole life with. It is best to "know" the right time to lie next to someone. And when you do find the right person, you will know it by default. Don't listen to your friends, I advice.

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    John C Jacob
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    How do your friends know that you are a virgin. Considering that you are being made a silly by more than one person, it is possible that either you told all of them or some feelow with a big-mouth put up a battle with your peace of mind. The thing is that sex is completely your discretion. Also, each person in this world had been a virgin at some point of their life. So, you should not be ashamed of yourself for not experiencing it yet. Teenagers mindlessly accuse and put each other to shame without realising that it could actually hurt the victim. The next time they tease you, you could tell them that it is your choice and that you would rather wait for the right person to come along with whom you would like to experience love making with.

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