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    How to remove scare of being unwanted in a relationship?
    I always think that I matter very less in my boyfriend's life. I get the feeling that he is very casual about me, and our relationship. But in all honesty he is faithful and loves me. What should I do to stop these negative thoughts?

    Topic: Sex & Relationships | Asked by: Sakshi | on: 20 Feb 2014
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    Oh man, you are saying that he is honest and he loves you and now you are saying that he doesn't care for you too. All women are alike man! But this is really sad, do you realise that he feels under-appreciated because you do not pay heed to his feelings? Yes, by thinking that you do not matter to his life you are disrespecting his feelings for you. Just look towards him and learn to trust him. Or put down pros and cons and then judge him, but be fair and try to put down all that he does for honestly! Then if the cons are more than the pros then you are right, or else forget it!
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    This is a very common thing that guys have to deal with. In fact this is one of the craziest things guys have to deal with. I mean why is it that you think that way? You are yourself agreeing to the fact that he is nice and everything so why is it that you have to feel this way! It simply makes your relationships sour. Also, if you continuously yap about him not taking care, he might go insane and run away anyway. So, think before you say anything random, if he is not doing A, then he is doing B and C. Look towards the B and the C and you learn to appreciate them.

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