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    How to handle an illicit relationship
    I had an affair with an elder married woman when I was in high school. She was good to me and I liked her very much. We got out of touch and we got in touch once again a month back. She is widowed and has no one, should I live with her?

    Topic: Sex & Relationships | Asked by: Jacob | on: 21 Apr 2014
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    You need to answer a lot of questions before you actually take the plunge. There are people living with huge age differences and they are happy, while this is true, it is also a fact that your relationship with her kicked off with a illicit note. Will that episode haunt you? If not, if you think that there is no other woman with whom you feel so much comfort then you should go for it. You cannot move in with with her out of sympathy, you will only do so if you know that you love her. During the time when the two of you were not in touch did you think of her much? Did you long for her in any way? Is this even real? Answer questions before going to the kill my friend!
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    Well Jacob, if you think you have a connection with her then may be you should. Because as it is, she does not have anyone and you two had a good relationship once upon a time as you have mentioned. Though it was an illicit one, it could now be fruitful. Find out if she suffers from guilt for having had that relationship with you while she was married to someone else. Talk things out and work things out, your differences in age could also mean a difference in your individual aspirations, you need to be careful regarding this too.

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