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    What can help me not gain weight?
    I have a hectic schedule which leaves me with no time to workout. Are there any changes that I can make in my diet which would stop me from gaining weight?

    Topic: Diet & Nutrition | Asked by: Prashant | on: 14 Feb 2015
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    Firstly, there is no any other substitute or replacement for workout to burn your calories. But from diet you can keep a control on your calorie intake. For keeping a control on the calorie intake, you can include fruit and vegetable salads in your main meal, which are the breakfast, lunch and dinner. So that you main meal’s carbohydrate portion will reduce and indirectly you will end up having less calories. Also, you can avoid starchy vegetables like potatoes, yam, etc. again to keep a control on your calorie consumption. And secondly, normally we do have habit of having fruit juice or some aerated drinks. So, if we avoid that and replace it by butter milk or just plain water that will help you reduce or cut down the calories consumption.


    So these are some guidelines.

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