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    What are some home remedies for labor pain?
    My best friend is about to deliver in a few months time and is looking for remedies for labor pain. What are the natural pain relief measures for labor pains?

    Topic: Pregnancy | Asked by: Aman | on: 22 Jul 2011
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    Hey Aman, glad to know that you are concerned about your friend. You may ask her to use a hot water bag, but tell her to wrap it in a towel or soft cover before using it. The other option that she can try is massage. She can probably ask someone to rub her back, it will warm her skin and stimulate her body to release its own, natural painkillers. If she is using essential oils, check with an accredited aromatherapist that they are safe to use during pregnancy.
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    Hi Aman, There are a few steps by which your friend can ease out the labor pain. Ask her to try: Relaxing- Pick a quite place. Stand, sit or lie comfortably. Breathe slowly and deeply. Try to focus on the tensed areas and relax them. Massaging- Warming the muscle with a hot towel or wheat bag can help relieve the ache. She can massage herself or ask her partner or midwife to do it. Day dreaming- Focus on something else rather than the pain. When the mind takes you to your dream lands, the body relaxes. Playing soft music can also help. Changing positions- She should not lie on her back. Staying upright can help ease pain. Move around to find a comfortable position.

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