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    Which delivery option is best suited for me if I have gestational diabetes?
    I am 20 weeks pregnant and suffering from gestational diabetes. Which delivery option, normal or caesarean, would be good for me and why?

    Topic: Pregnancy | Asked by: Lalita Sharma | on: 29 Aug 2014
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    Dr Seema Sharma
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    If your blood sugar is well controlled and the baby’s size is normal, you can take a chance for normal delivery. Otherwise the complication rates for the mother and baby are very high and a caesarean is preferred.

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    It is important to choose the right delivery option for women with gestational diabetes to have a safe delivery and a healthy baby. Most of the times, doctors induce a woman’s labor before her due date if she has gestational diabetes. It is done so the baby does not get too big. Sometimes doctors carry out a cesarean section, or c-section to prevent problems with delivery from a big baby. Though there isn't enough research to back these two as a better option than waiting for labour to start on its own.

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