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Home remedies for hair loss in men

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Mar 15, 2017
Quick Bites

  • Massage bald patches with mustard oil and henna.
  • Grind fenugreek seeds with water and apply on scalp.
  • Add more mineral supplements in the diet.

Androgen alopecia or hair loss in men is the most common form of hair loss caused primarily due to hereditary factors. Of some of the most common causes of hair loss include inadequate nutrition in the food, stress and anxiety by averting/balancing which one may be able to evade the risk of having hair loss.


hairfall in men


Mustard oil massage

Boil one cup of mustard oil with four table spoons of heena (mehendi) leaves. This mixture should be filtered and kept in a bottle. Massage the bald patches regularly with this home remedy and you would start noticing changes in a few weeks time.


Onion paste massage

Massage the bald patches on the scalp with a slice of onion until the area becomes red. Follow it up with an application of honey.


egg yolk massage


Egg yolk massage

Mix honey and egg yolk in a container and apply the mixture on the scalp as well as hair. Leave this mixture on your hair for a while i.e. at least 30 minutes before finally washing it off.


Homemade shampoo

Prepare a homemade shampoo by adding 2 tbsp of cur, 2 tbsp of raw gram powder and 1 tbsp of lemon juice. Apply this mixture on your scalp and hair and leave it on for an hour before finally rinsing it off.


Fenugreek mask

Grind fenugreek seeds with water and apply on the head for 40 minutes at least before washing. Wash off the mixture with cold water only after you have vigorously massaged your scalp. This treatment should be continued for a month.


balanced diet


Balanced diet

One of the prominent signs of preventing hair loss in men are to add more mineral supplements in the diet such as calcium, magnesium and zinc; eating green leafy vegetables; meditation to reduce stress and anxiety; and not to brush hair when it is wet.


Herbal remedies

Make a mixture of amla (goose berry), reetha and shikakai and boil them in 2 litres of water till the liquid reduces to half. This mixture should then be used to massage the scalp along with coconut oil or aloe vera gel. Leave it on for half an hour. Do this at least three times in a week.

Another herbal home remedy is to mix aloe vera gel with triphala and apply it to the scalp and hair. This should be continued for three to six months.


Some quick home remedies for hair Loss in men


  • One of the effective home remedies for hair loss is vigorous rubbing of scalp (with finger). After washing scalp with cold water rub the scalp till it starts to tingle heat. It will activate the sebaceous glands and improve blood circulation of the affected area. Make sure that you don’t become harsh while dealing with your hair.
  • Prepare amla oil by boiling a piece of amla in coconut oil. This is an effective hair tonic that stimulates hair growth.
  • Mix equal quantity of amla and lemon juice. Use this as a shampoo stimulates hair growth and prevent hair loss.
  • Onion is beneficial for men with patchy hair fall. The affected area must be rubbed with onion followed by honey.
  • Mix lettuce and spinach juice and drink (half liter) it on daily basis. This helps to prevent hair loss.
  • Another effective home remedy for hair loss in men is application of coconut milk on scalp. It nourishes hair and promotes hair growth.
  • Mix 60 gram of henna in 250 ml of mustered oil and bring to boil. Filter this oil and store, regularly massage your scalp with this oil.


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  • amit31 Dec 2012

    good morning sir this is amit, i have hair loss problem since I was 18, my front hair is lost completely, plz tell me what is the best medicine for hair loss.

  • Mohammed Zaheer09 Dec 2012

    Hi Sir, this is umar, and i have hair loss problem since my chidhood, plz tell me what is the best way to reduce hair loss. your advice is very precious for me.

  • Hari om04 Dec 2012

    Hello, I am hari and I an 24 years old. Recently I have used a product for my hair as conditioner which causes me hair fall and it is still heppening after leaving that product please tell me what to do

  • naresh28 Nov 2012

    my name is naresh and i am 24 yrs old and my hair is very much thin and less in amount .. please help me , and suggest some way of improving it please

  • arvind21 Nov 2012

    could we use henna powder instead of henna leaves???

  • S RAZI HAIDER ZAIDI02 Nov 2012

    Hello! My Name Is Razi I am living in karachi , my age is 23 my hair falling down since when i am doing graduation. now it is to much please give suuest or advice to me that how can I regain my loss hair back. it make me shy in front of my friend and family member

  • zahid01 Oct 2012

    hi m zahid 47yrs m facing thin hair falling the hair also plz suggest some remedy for me living in kuwait

  • shakeel01 Oct 2012

    My Name is Shakeel frm Hyd ...I lost my whole hairs on my Forehead so please suggest me Good Home Remedy.Iam Having some Hairs On My Forehead.& the Left side & Right Its Good...Ihve Lost frm 1 & 1/2 Yrs its Toomuch..So Plz plz Suggest me Good Home Remedy To Regrow My hair Regards. Shakeel Ahmed.

  • Hariom Vishwakarma27 Sep 2012

    Sir, hariom vishwakarma,26 year. i lost my middle hair from 1 year & i have danruff, pls suggest me medicine sothat my hair grow normaly.

  • Ravindra singh26 Sep 2012

    my name is Ravindra and i am 23 yrs old and my hair is very much thin and less in amount .. please help me , and suggest some way of improving it please

  • Abhishek17 Sep 2012

    i'm suffering with fall & thinning problem of hair please help me to stop the hair fall if possible.

  • vishal mishra12 Sep 2012

    cn u plz tell me ONION and honey treatment for baldess is realyy work??????

  • vishal mishra12 Sep 2012

    hey can u plz tell mee how many time we left the treatment of onion and honey form baldness area............????

  • Sameera 03 Sep 2012

    Aloe vera gel with triphala to grow hair is like a miracle. Hope the remedy works!

  • jignesh prajapati01 Sep 2012

    i am 19 yrs old and my hair is very much thin and less in amount .. please help me , and suggest some way of improving it please.

  • jignesh prajapati01 Sep 2012

    i am 19 yrs old and my hair is very much thin and less in amount .. please help me , and suggest some way of improving it please.

  • sohail14 Jul 2012

    rick when u use onion and honey....did u mix both them and apply ur scalp..? And how many time u left this mixure on ur scalp...?

  • Rick16 Jun 2012

    I did find the onion honey treatment really effective thanx

  • abhishek jaiswal04 Jun 2012

    my name is abhishek and i am 15 yrs old and my hair is very much thin and less in amount .. please help me , and suggest some way of improving it please

  • Thejus Varhese08 May 2012

    My name is Thejus. Am 18 years old, but now my hair is falling and also i found dandruff in my head. Please share Remedies agains my problem, that the medicine which are available in indian market.

  • desingh14 Apr 2012

    There is a product called Mintop 10 in the market by Dr.reddy lab. Use 1ml (not more) everyday in the affected areas after bath.Then apply amla oil . Also you need to take Biotin vitamin (market name-triglo), dates and curry patta leaves. You will have excellent results seen in 3 months

  • Paritosh08 Dec 2011

    dear vijay you will get triphala powder from any ayurvedic medical shop or from the shopkeepers those who are selling natural herbs...... the above cited subject is true. one more thing keshking shampoo,capsules,hair oil is good for hairfall.

  • vijay07 Sep 2011

    i just want to protect my hair so, i think this will be help full.i want to know which shampoo is mild(which are available in india). this things are look good to use but where will we get triphala, because i don't know where this thing is available.

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