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Homemade Pregnancy Tests - Take Pregnancy Test at the Comfort of your Home

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Apr 11, 2013
Quick Bites

  • These tests can detect the presence of hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin.
  • Here we have explained four such homemade pregnancy tests.
  • Tests that can be bought from the drug store are more reliable.
  • These tests if used in correct manner can give right results.

It must be a tedious job for the sexually active to run to the clinic every time there is a missed period, but the truth is that you do not have to. Take tests at home and for that you need to learn how to make a homemade pregnancy test that works.


Homemade Pregnancy Test

Homemade pregnancy tests are, helpful in telling if a woman is pregnant or not without her having to spend a fortune on undergoing tests in the hospital. These homemade pregnancy tests that works are quick in detecting the presence of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Below are ways you can make your own pregnancy test at home.


Dandelion Pregnancy Test

  • Get some dandelion leaves from a plant’s stem and place them on a plastic sheet kept on floor.
  • Ensure that the leaves do not face the sun directly.
  • Urinate on the dandelion leaves and ensure that they are completely soaked.
  • Check the leaves every 10 minutes and look for the development of reddish blisters. Such a formation indicates that you might be pregnant.

Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

Have you ever wondered, how women used to know about their pergenancy in the past when technology was scarce? There must be some way of finding it out. At that time, women used to do pergnancy tests at home using pine sol. Pine Sol is widely used as a cleansing product and lubricating agent. It is made up of pine oil which is obtained from the needles, cones and twigs of different kinds of pine. It is a powerful anti-bacterial agent prescribed for use on non-porous surfaces and can also be used as a homemade pregnancy test.

The following is the procedure for this test:

  • Mix your urine sample with pine sol and wait to check for change in colour.
  • Change in colour would indicate pregnancy.


Homemade Pregnancy Test with Bleach

Bleach’s original use may be whitening and removal of stains but it can also be used as a homemade pregnancy test. Mix your urine sample in a cup of bleach. If you notice some fizz or foamy substance, you may be pregnant. You need to be cautious while using it, as inhaling these gases can harm your pregnancy. Try this homemade pregnancy test in a properly ventilated place.

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Toothpaste

Toothpaste is a product you will find it at everyone's home and this is one of the most popular old wives' tales that it can be used for homemade pregnancy test. Mixing using with toothpaste has also been found to help in detecting pregnancy. If you notice froth or bluish coloration after the urine is added, you are likely to be pregnant. The time it takes for the froth to appear varies from one situation to another.

Are Homemade Pregnancy Tests Reliable?

One of the biggest downsides to homemade pregnancy tests is the lack or absence of clear instructions. Home pregnancy tests that can be bought from the drug store are more reliable and have clear instructions on how to use and how much time it is likely for the kit to take to show the result. With no instructions clearly defined, one may get a negative test even, when she is pregnant.

With a bit of patients and a lot of understanding you can get good results for your pregnancy tests.


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  • unknown 29 Jul 2014

    I tryed to do a homemade bleach pregnacy test and at first it did foam up and got fizzy then i tryed it again and all i got was bubbles .would i still be pregnant

  • Low on Dough30 Apr 2014

    So I tried the Pine Sol test and right away(no wait time)I got the change that it talks about... Guess I've got to try the actual test...

  • Jody20 Aug 2013

    Well I took a hpt and the result was Negative, but then I decided to Do the homemade pregnancy test with the bleach in the urine. It was fizzy and foamy. Can I still be pregnant?

  • Mom19 Aug 2013

    I can't use the bleach test because of the harmful smell. I have a toddler. My husband and I are trying but I don't want to buy a test every time. How much toothpaste is to be used?

  • Shannon08 Mar 2013

    I tried the bleach pregnancy test and as soon as I peed into the bleach there was a foam but it all went away in less than 30 seconds as now there's nothing there. What does this mean?

  • Emily02 Jan 2013

    okay, so I'm 14. i've been with my 17 year old boyfriend for 4 months. We had unprotected sex the other day, WITH the pull out method. I'm on birth control, but i've been sick so i was on antibiotics, which make it un effective. My period isn't late yet, but i'm still really really nervous. I think i'm just psyching myself out. I need a homemade one that is effective. I just don't know what to do. Oh God. I so cannot be pregnant...

  • Name31 Dec 2012

    The bleach test works. If it fizzes and gets a beer foam on it then you are most likely pregnant. The reaction may be small if you are not far along so using another persons urine to see the difference is helpful. ADVICE: USE THE BLEACH OUTSIDE IT IS A HARMFUL SMELL MIXED TOGETHER. The flower test works but is messy.

  • kia10 Dec 2012

    I did the bleach test and it fizzed like crazy the foam came out of the cup i also had two others to take it and it didnt do any thing but im waiting to go to the store in the AM to get a real hpt if im prego i will b so HAPPY....

  • Arundhuti Dutta08 Oct 2012

    We Want to Know that how to test

  • praying_hard22 Sep 2012

    me and my fiancee have been trying to conceive for almost a year and so far we have not had any luck but this time i think we may be. i dont really have alot of money so i was wondering do any of these test really work. or if they dont does anyone know of any homemade test that does work

  • shaina20 Sep 2012

    If you don't want to be pregnant keep your legs closed.

  • 31hopingpreg11 Sep 2012

    Ok I took the Pine sol test because I took HPT and 2 came out pos and 2 came out neg but all the pine sol did was turn like a white looking color kinda cloudy I guess.So does that mean I'm preg or is it suppose to change another color.

  • rasha04 Sep 2012

    i am pregnant(i did two at home test from the store positive, i have a three month old i cant afford to have another kid ,im broke so anyways im going to try the pinesol test and the bleach one..

  • Megha04 Sep 2012

    Homemade pregnancy tests are, I believe, one of the best medical creations to help women, who do not want to really visit a doctor to test for pregnancy. It saves a lot of time and money!

  • Jane Doe25 Aug 2012

    I havent seen my period in a month, im still on birth control, I took the pinesol test and it ddid not change colors, so i guess im in the clear?!!!

  • diamond20 Jul 2012

    i did the bleach test to it foamed up a lot does that mean im prego?

  • kayla20 Jul 2012

    Um does the dandelion one work??

  • Gigi16 Jul 2012

    I am four days late on my period, I took the bleach test and it fizzed up a little but it did. Could it really be that I'm pregnant?

  • shardaney29 May 2012

    Has anyone attemptedvthe pine sol test. I want to know if itsacurate because it will be my tie breaker

  • Corrina02 May 2012

    What About The Pine Sol Test? Did Anybody Try That One?

  • shy shy27 Apr 2012

    i did this thing like 5 mins ago and it fizzed. I am pregnant! yay!

  • Winter18 Apr 2012

    I took the bleach test, It fizzed up and almost looked like it was about to explode. Turns out I am pregnant. This works.

  • WInter18 Apr 2012

    I used the bleach test. And it did fizz up. Make sure you do this test in a well ventilated area. I then took a real pregnancy test and I AM PREGNANT!!

  • disaz05 Feb 2012

    its true i'e tested it

  • Jennifer 28 Jan 2012

    When I tried it with my mom's urine and my boyfriend's urine,it did not fizz up, but when I tried it with mine it did fizz up.

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