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Pregnancy Symptoms before Missed Period

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Aug 16, 2011
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  • Hormonal changes in the body result in the missed period of pregnancy.
  • The usual signs are morning sickness, fatigue and breast tenderness.
  • Some women can have break through bleeding.
  • The can be a rise in temperature, which may make them moody and irritable.

There are several hormonal changes in the body that result in the missed period of pregnancy. That is why some women even experience these pregnancy symptoms before the confirmation from a missed period.

pregnancy signs before missed periodThe pregnancy hormones, particularly hCG, are already being produced in your body but their concentration is too low to be detected by normal pregnancy tests. There are some early pregnancy tests too but their accuracy is not reliable. You might want to try them out but women who are very sensitive to the changes in their body can often feel these slight changes after conception.

The usual signs of pregnancy before a missed period are:

  • Morning sickness
  • Fatigue.
  • Tenderness in the breasts.
  • Intense food cravings,
  • cravings for unusual food,
  • Intense thirst resulting in drinking more water and urinating frequently.

Apart from these, nausea may also be experienced by some women before missing a period. It is important that women who feel so choose healthy food and beverages including clean water that is safe for pregnancy. It has also been noted that with irregular cycles of menstruation, it is difficult to notice the pregnancy symptoms.


Break through bleeding

Some women can have break through bleeding during pregnancy which they can confuse with some sort of illness or complication caused by stress. What the woman with break through bleeding do not realise is that this was actually a symptom of pregnancy and it can take some time before she comes to know of it. The break through bleeding is red or pinkish in colour while menstrual bleeding is dark red.

Body Temprature

Women can also determine their pregnancy on their own by taking their body temperatures. Pregnancy, even in the early stages causes a rise in temperature. Women can measure their own temperature and if they find that it is always slightly on the higher side, by 1 degree Celsius, it can be a sign of pregnancy. The rise in temperature also makes them moody and irritable. If your significant other knew about the cause of such a change in behaviour, he would certainly not complain.

Pregnancy is a great event for the couples and the family as a whole too. Women go through extremes of emotions, excited and happy at one moment and shrinking with nervousness the next minute. It is only to their advantage if they are able to identify pregnancy symptoms even before missing a period. They can plan better to deal with the whole of 40 months.



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  • pregnancy8304 Apr 2013

    This is really good site and its informative.

  • reema24 Aug 2012

    nice info

  • eshu28 Jul 2012

    and my last periods was july 1st.... i didnt get mydate... but there is abdomen pain and this time am getting strain to pass motion.... what it ll be... please suggest....

  • eshu28 Jul 2012

    hi... for a last 2 month i got periods befor 5 days...and before 1 or 2 days before periods there will be gas formation and this time i didnt have any gas formation but my abdomen pain is there.....what it be?

  • Arb19 Jul 2012

    hi i have 30 days cycle... my lmp is on 24/6/2012 and was married on june 21 st... for the past one week i have fever, light head ache, vomiting, cramping and back ache, and i feel tough breathing... and i feel stressed a lot... many said its honeymoon cystitis but my culture test report doesnt shows so... any one tell me wats my prob... help me out friends...

  • kavi29 Jun 2012

    i have my period for last two months 23 and this month i did not hav period on 23 i thought that i conceive but i hav period on periods does not occurs in correct wat my question is that ther may be any problem for me and second one is i will become pregnant or not.wat are the steps to be take please suggest me.

  • Roseraki17 Mar 2012

    hi sono, constipation,gas formation and missed periods are the first symptom to become pregnant, u r pregnant..

  • Agila17 Dec 2011

    hi i have a symptoms of dizziness vomiting feel hungry in midnight sleepiness in d morning and no sleep in d night and freq urine passing and my period id 17th dec only but i got this symptoms a weeks back and sometime sev backache and abdominal pain and pain in left side also my period cycle is only come on 45th day everymonth i have complnt of thyroid and polycyst so i could nt able to suggest am i preg? pls suggest

  • Bittu25 Oct 2011 short would like to inform you that we had done pregnancy tests which is -neg and urine test i.e. also -neg and its been 2mnths she still not having periods..In between she had Ipill too as a precaution but not getting any way why she is missing her periods ? Please suggest..

  • Bittu25 Oct 2011

    my wife had periods two months ago.Did pregnancy tests and urine tests too but very tensed because she is not having periods ? Please suggest > Checked with Dr.and she has provided medicines and we are not planned yet for baby.

  • Amieee19 Oct 2011

    i had my periods for two months that is july and aug but in the month of sept jus had for 2 days were as normally it happens for 5 days am i pregnant? and also i had a pregnancy test before bleeding in the month of sept which was negative wat to do can u please help becoz i had nausea in 2nd week of sept and braset tenderness

  • sono05 Oct 2011

    i have a problem in passing stool and i am missing my period am i pregnant?

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