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Trust your Gut Feeling when it comes to Wedding

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Nov 30, 2013

gut feeling for right decisionA new research says that when you get a certain gut feeling which is related to wedding then you should rather consider it. The research on newlyweds suggested that you would be wide to heed your gut feeling.

Study author Jim McNulty who is professor at Florida State University said, "The conscious attitude doesn't really predict what happens to the relationship over time.” McNulty further called such these gut feelings as “semi-conscious” attitudes that many chose to ignore. These gut feelings which most ignored in fact determined how those couples who are happy were years after they had exchanged vows.

The finding that was published in the issue of Science had followed 135 newlywed couples for four years. Then the researchers measured the couples’ conscious attitudes toward their relationship after every six months. They were asked to evaluate their marriage in terms of good, satisfying, bad or dissatisfied. They had also measured “automatic attitude” To do this, McNulty said, the men and women sat in front of a computer. On the screen flashed either a positive or a negative word, such as "awesome" or "awful." They hit one key to denote it was a positive word and another key for negative.

He said, "Right before they saw the word, we would flash a picture of their partner for a third of a second, when people see a picture of their partner, it activates that automatic attitude. Someone who's positive toward their partner, he said, will be quicker to hit the positive key and slower to hit the negative key."

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  • Martha Love01 Dec 2013

    Thank you for posting this article on this fascinating new study on gut feelings and evaluating future marriage success. The findings in this study make sense particularly if you understand that your gut feelings of emptiness and fullness register how well your two instinctive needs of feeling accepted and also in control of your own responses (freedom) are being met from moment to moment. If these two needs, acceptance and control, are in balance in relation to time spent with someone, people feel full in their gut feelings, cared for and loved for who they truly are. We all know the emptiness and aloneness we feel in our guts when we do not feel free to be ourselves with someone and/or when there is a lack of attention (acceptance) in relation to the other person. We can rationalize in our heads that our needs are met by a relationship, but our gut feelings are a true indication of how well our inner needs are being met and how close we truly feel to the other person. This certainly does not necessarily mean that if you have an empty feeling about a relationship that the relationship does not have the potential to work out, but it does indicate a need for self-reflection and communication with the other person if it is to be a successful relationship. Be sure and read this before you walk down that aisle!

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