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How to Get Pregnant with a Boy

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Apr 24, 2013

Couple walkingAre you wanting to get pregnant with a baby boy? In earlier days, you would just have to wait with keeping your fingers crossed, but, not anymore! There are some safe methods that would help you to make better chances of conceiving with a baby boy. Some of the ways may be just wives’ tales, but what have you got to lose? Getting pregnant with a boy is easy, if you exactly know what you are doing.

Here are some of the easy ways:

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pH level

The pH level of women’s vagina can greatly influence the gender of your baby. Low PH level i.e. an alkaline environment, favors the baby boy.  This is because, ‘male’ sperms are speedy but not strong enough to survive in acidic environment. Alkaline environment is friendly for these sperms as they begin to die quickly, when they reach vaginal track. Alkaline pH level also promotes a thin line around the cervix that help the male sperm to quickly get to egg and fertilize them. Lemon and watermelon are the best food to promote and maintain alkaline level in your body.


Having an orgasm makes the vagina more alkaline, which favors 'male' sperm, and causes contractions to speed up the movement of the sperm to the awaiting egg. These factors favor the faster male sperm reaching the egg before the 'female' sperm. So, good foreplay and love-making goes a long way to help you get pregnant with a boy.

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Another method to increase your chances to conceive a boy, is to have sex just before you ovulate. ‘Male’ sperm can only survive for 2 to 3 days, while the ‘female’ sperm can live for 5 to 6 days. According to a study, prior are speedy but weak and the later are slow but strong. So now that we know that ‘male’ sperm don’t last longer, you must make sure to have sex as close to your ovulation as possible. ‘Female’ sperms are stronger and slower sperms and they just hang on and wait for egg. Refrain from sex 4 to 5 days before your ovulation.

So, keep track of your menstrual cycle and be attentive to the signals of ovulation.  Women, who have menstrual cycle of 28 days mostly ovulate on the 14 day. If your menstrual cycle is not regular then other cues can be used to know your ovulation date for instance, basal body temperature and cervical mucus.

Sexual Position

Sexual positions that entail deep penetration optimize the chance of conceiving a baby boy. The closer you can drop sperms to cervix, easier it gets for male sperm to reach the egg first.



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  • Tuhina25 Apr 2013

    Me and my husband were trying to conceive a baby boy. I've been looking a lot of references to get pregnant with a boy and finally, I have found this article that has given good advises, instructions and tips on how to get pregnant with a baby boy. I applied these tips for myself from then and now when I am pregnant, my doctor told me that we have a great chance to expect a baby boy. Thanks.

  • Saba29 Sep 2012

    Great article.

  • Gracious Shigu21 Sep 2012

    This is clearly explained

  • Gracious Shigu21 Sep 2012

    This is clearly explained

  • ramadhar15 Apr 2012

    please detail explain ovalution time and get baby boy,low ph man or women i not understand

  • Anu22 Jul 2011

    How cud one know about the right time of ovalution, if I cann't get the vaginal temperature, what else are the ways 2 get exact date of ovalution & how long does it last

  • Anu22 Jul 2011

    How cud one know about the right time of ovalution, if I cann't get the vaginal temperature, what else are the ways 2 get exact date of ovalution & how long does it last

  • Krishna30 Jun 2011

    You have written low ph..and also saying alkaline it is possible? Low ph means acidic medium..please do changes