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5 Most effective weight gain exercises for men

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 01, 2017
Quick Bites

  • Deadlifts set you up for weight gain.
  • Push-ups condition your body towards overall gains.
  • Variantions of bicep curls can add muscle to various parts.

To gaining weight, you need to exercise as much as add to your calorie intake. Exercise of utmost importance in this endeavour because you want to be able to digest the excess calories that you are consuming.


weight gain for men


Some exercises for men to gain weight are as follows.



This exercise sets you up for weight gain. The old-school exercise is quite effective when it comes to gaining bulk or mass. It involves multiple muscle groups and when you gain it is distributed evenly and you become stronger and bigger. Just make sure you have the right form for it to be effective and injury-free.


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Push-up is arguably the most popular exercise. It is not exactly a weight gain exercise but they condition your body towards overall gains. The movement works your core muscles along with the biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders. When you have mastered conventional push-up, you can advance towards one-handed and jumping push-ups.


Bicep curls

Bicep curls are not just for the increase volume of the biceps, but also do wonders when you want to tone your muscles, define them and sculpt your frame. Try different variations and angles such as bent over row to make your muscles grow.


Barbell behind-head press

There is no considerable body mass gain without bigger shoulders. Barbell behind-head press is one weight gain exercise that involves every upper body muscles including the biceps, neck, shoulders, upper abs and upper back muscles to help upper body gain muscle and size.


weight gain exercises


Chin-ups can be difficult at first but when you are able to master the exercise, you can see the effect of ‘three sets of five’ soon.

These are some of the best exercises to help you gain weight. However, you must train your whole body for getting to the end result. Involving the whole of your body in the workout makes things easy as it aid the release of hormones throughout the body.

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  • Javed05 Jul 2013

    It seemed pretty impossible until a year back for me to gain weight, but then with some guidance off the internet I could help myself. I would say that I am hefty or something but yes it is helping me well. The exercises given here are exactly the ones I did with a little variation of course and with some weight gaining natural foods. I must say that there are some exercises here that I wasn't aware of and will try them all now. Thanks.

  • kid09 Mar 2013

    Can anyone help me. im a skinny guy wanting to gain weight,i weigh only 93 lbs./42 kgs and my age is 27.I know this is abnormal weight for my age. Please help

  • achal24 Aug 2012

    good tips for weight gain

  • rajat24 Aug 2012

    nice info

  • rishi07 Apr 2012

    i am very lean person ,but i am very concerned about body ,plz help me to gain weight.and muscle my height:-5'11 inches and weight :-50kgs.

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